4130 E Zora, Webb City, MO 64870

Address4130 E Zora, Webb City, MO 64870
Sale or LeaseSale
Square Footage815,007 ft2
Listing Price$1,575,000
Listed byLuke Gibson
Glenn Group LLC
Commercial Real Estate

This commercial real estate is on the southwest corner of Zora & Duquesne.

Commercial real estate opportunity available on the southwest corner of Zora & Duquesne. Adjacent to the Joplin/Webb City Industrial Park and directly located on a designated commercial/industrial truck route. Call Luke Gibson 417-359-6868 to schedule a site tour.

Discover a lucrative commercial opportunity on the southwest corner of Zora and Duquesne. Positioned adjacent to the thriving Joplin/Webb City Industrial Park, this strategically situated property offers access to a bustling economic hub, making it a highly desirable investment.

Key Highlights:

  1. Strategic Location: The property’s strategic location ensures maximum visibility and accessibility.. This prime spot attracts a steady flow of potential customers and clients.
  2. Industrial Park Proximity: With adjacency to the Joplin/Webb City Industrial Park, businesses can capitalize on a relationship with nearby industries, fostering potential collaborations and partnerships.
  3. Designated Truck Route: The property’s direct location on a designated commercial/industrial truck route streamlines logistics and transportation, making it an ideal choice for businesses requiring freight movement.
  4. Flexible Acreage: The property offers variable acres, allowing prospective buyers the freedom to tailor the space to their specific requirements and scale their business operations accordingly.
  5. Diverse Commercial Potential: This prime parcel of land presents boundless possibilities for various commercial ventures, including manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, retail outlets, service industries, and more.
  6. Supportive Business Environment: The surrounding area boasts a thriving business community, fostering an environment of growth and innovation, further enhancing the property’s potential.
  7. Proximity to Amenities: The property enjoys close proximity to a range of amenities, including dining establishments, shopping centers, and residential neighborhoods, providing a well-rounded business ecosystem.
  8. Commercial Real Estate Investment Opportunity: Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or an aspiring business owner, this commercial gem offers an excellent investment opportunity in a rapidly developing region.

Don’t miss out on the chance to secure this outstanding commercial property at the intersection of Zora and Duquesne. The location, flexibility, and accessibility make it an enticing prospect for those looking to establish or expand their commercial presence.

Seize the moment and take advantage of this golden opportunity. Contact us today to explore the full potential of this prime commercial space and turn your business aspirations into a thriving reality.

Option 1: Five parcels for sale, 18.72 acres.

Option 2: Two parcels for sale, 4.57 acres.

Option 3: Two parcels for sale, 13.38 acres.

Approximately 18.72 acres (+/- 815,007 sq ft) are available in total. 

Commercial real estate for sale; SWC Zora & Duquesne looking SW