Reason #2 Thriving Downtown with a Clear Vision

There are many opportunities in Joplin Commercial Real Estate. In addition to market and demographic data, Downtown Joplin Alliance has detailed survey information from our trade area, which boasts a population of nearly 500,000 to help you determine business potential.

With nearly a 150 year history, downtown Joplin has long been a regional and local destination. While losing more than 40 acres of historic buildings due to urban renewal in the 60s and 70s, downtown retains nearly 250 unique historic buildings which make up an impressive downtown of approximately 150 blocks. In the past dozen years, downtown Main Street has gone from 75% vacancy in 2007, to less than 10% vacancy in the same area.

As momentum builds in downtown, more and more properties are being brought back to life. What really makes a difference in our downtown is locally-owned unique small businesses – like yours!

Downtown Development Joplin Commercial Real Estate

Joplin Commercial Real Estate

City Infrastructure: Sunshine Lamp District

Streetscaping, sidewalks, lighting, stop lights, planters, and benches were a major step in improving the viability of downtown and showing city commitment to downtown.

Columbia Building and Main Street Place

Two of the first projects renovating a historic building and bringing upper floor housing to Main Street.

Joplin Commercial Real Estate
Joplin Commercial Real Estate

Gryphon Building: 10th and Main

Approximately 100,000 square feet of commercial, retail, and restaurant space in a beautifully restored space designate “Downtown” from “Midtown”.

Joe Becker Stadium

A 4.7 million dollar renovation brought this historic stadium to the 21st century.

Joplin Commercial Real Estate
Joplin Commercial Real Estate

Hurlburt Undertaking Co.

Built in 1920, this gorgeous building is the first historic retrofit that is certified as a LEED GOLD commercial space by the USGBC.

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