The Experience You Need on Your Side

25 years of “real estate” experience is not the same as 25 years of experience doing site selection and negotiating commercial lease terms and contracts.  For example someone with 8 years in residential real estate experience and 2 years as a commercial real estate agent is not the same as a person with 10 years doing ONLY commercial real estate.  Additionally if a brokerage company has a combined 50 years commercial real estate experience does not mean that the person assigned to you has 50 years.  That person could be new and only have 1 year under their belt.  Here at the Glenn Group, our owner David Glenn is involved with every client and has over 50 years of experience.

No Conflicts of Interest

Most commercial real estate companies are full service meaning they represent tenants and landlords.  This has the potential to be a conflict of interest. However, at the Glenn Group we recognize our duty is to bring two parties together to make a mutually beneficial transaction.

The Ability to Ask Good Questions

No one (not even the best commercial brokers) has all the answers, which means the broker you work with must have the ability to ask the right questions at the right time.  Commercial realtors that ask the right questions are able to effectively asses your current and future needs and find/create great solutions.  Asking good questions is also key when negotiating with landlords.  Certain information about building owners and landlords can many times have an impact on the outcome of lease/purchase negotiations.  Lastly, commercial real estate agents that take the time to ask you solid questions means they value you and your company.


Commercial realtors can be busy however that does not mean they should be unresponsive.  They must make themselves as accessible as possible and keep you in the loop on how the process is going.  Ideally you want them to respond to you on the same day unless you leave them a message late in the afternoon.  Understand that they have multiple clients however they need to be responsive.

Knowledgeable About the Market

Your broker should always have a pulse on the market.  They need to be an expert in their niche(s) and be able to answer your questions quickly.  Ideally you want them to have strong involvement in the community as this is an indication that they strive to keep up with the commercial real estate trends and needs of the area.

Strong Network

Commercial real estate is a business made up of strong, trustworthy networks so you want someone that has connections.  Not just with other brokers but also a network of attorneys, architects, contractors, etc.  You want access to best-in-class professionals.  A commercial real estate firm that is global is not the end all be all.  Thanks to the advances of technology individual or local boutique commercial real estate companies have an unlimited number of resources for you to tap into.