1400 Birch Road, Sarcoxie, MO 64862

Address1400 Birch Road, Sarcoxie, MO 64862
Sale or LeaseSale
Square Footage ft2
Listing Price$775,000
Listed byLuke Gibson
Glenn Group LLC
For Sale on Interstate 44

Rare opportunity to own 33.38 acres of prime land for sale on I-44 with excellent exposure to thousands of travelers daily. Conveniently situated off the interstate with more than 1300 feet of I-44 visibility. This property offers versatility with a 1696 sq ft house, 2 spacious warehouses measuring 6,750 sq ft and 3,750 sq ft and a large pond, adding a touch of natural beauty and tranquility to the landscape. The property’s location near the upcoming Love’s truck stop at Exit 29 adds tremendous value. This development promises increased traffic and potential business partnerships, making this property an even more attractive investment.

For Sale on I-44
  1. Strategic Location: This real estate for sale on Interstate 44 ensures maximum visibility, capturing the attention of thousands of potential customers daily. Situated conveniently with easy access, this location is poised for success in a bustling economic landscape.
  2. Versatile Structures: Embracing versatility, the property features a 1696 sq ft house, adding a touch of residential charm to the commercial potential. Additionally, two spacious warehouses, measuring 6,750 sq ft and 3,750 sq ft respectively, provide ample space for a variety of business endeavors. Whether you’re considering retail, logistics, or manufacturing, this property offers the infrastructure to meet your needs.
  3. Natural Beauty and Tranquility: This land for sale on Interstate 44 is adorned with a large pond, enhancing the property’s appeal with natural beauty and tranquility. The harmonious blend of commercial potential and scenic aesthetics makes this property a unique and enticing investment opportunity.
  4. Proximity to Love’s Truck Stop at Exit 29: A significant factor in the property’s appeal is its close proximity to the upcoming Love’s truck stop at Exit 29. This development promises increased traffic, presenting a lucrative opportunity for businesses looking to capitalize on heightened visibility and potential partnerships.

Structure 1 of 3: 6,750 Square Foot Warehouse For Sale on I-44

Structure 2 of 3: 3,750 Square Foot Warehouse

Structure 3 of 3: 1,696 Square Foot Residence For Sale on I-44

Investment Potential:

As the Missouri market continues to thrive, this property stands out as a sound investment choice. The combination of strategic location, versatile structures, natural aesthetics, and proximity to a major upcoming development positions this property as an attractive prospect for investors seeking long-term value and returns.

Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to own a piece of prime commercial real estate in Sarcoxie, Missouri. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to establish a new business, a developer seeking a strategic investment, or an investor eyeing growth potential, this 33.38-acre property offers a compelling proposition. Act now to secure your stake in a venture that promises not only financial success but also a harmonious blend of commercial viability and natural allure.

The billboards and land they sit on are not included in this sale.

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